Ergonomic Product Solutions

Working using ergonomic products is a healthier and safer way to work from home. It is important to note that ergonomic products are only effective if they are used properly and geared to the specific needs of the individual.

Let us help you determine which ergonomic products are right for you

Home Office Footrests

Footrests are crucial components to ensure you are properly posited when sitting at an office desk. By having your feet flat on the ground, you can stabilize your core, lower back, and knees and create a full body support.

Computer Monitor Stands

Ergonomic laptop stands help raise the screen height to create an optimal eye gaze. This will prevent you from constantly looking down, bending your neck, and moving your head forward.

Ergonomic Office Chair

The ergonomic office chair is arguable the most important ergonomic product we can recommend. Sitting posture is a huge component when it comes to home office ergonomics. That is why determining the correct sitting position and adjusting your office chair to reflect this position is so important. By implementing the rule of 90-90-90, you can create the most optimal sitting position and decrease your risk of injury significantly.

Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard

Ergonomic mouse and keyboard products are usually shaped differently in order to fit the natural position of the hand and wrist. This can help alleviate very common work-related injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.