Ergo Assist

Providing you assistance with all your ergonomic needs

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the science of complementing the worker to their environment. Simply said, an ergonomist designs and modifies the environment and/or job task to fit the worker. Ultimately, ergonomists can help reduce the risk of work-related injury and discomfort and maximize productivity.

By working remotely you can benefit by having a flexible lifestyle, improved health and wellness, and increased productivity

Ergo Assist provides the necessary tools to ensure your environment is ideally adapted to fit your ergonomic needs!

What services do we offer?

Personalized Telehealth Evaluations

Stretches and Tools tailored to reduce pain

Consultation to determine best equipment

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Most Common Ergonomic Questions

I am experiencing neck and shoulder pain, what can I do to relieve this?

I want to buy a new office chair, what should I look for?

Is my workstation properly adjusted?

Do I need an external mouse and keyboard or should I use my laptop?

I often get headaches after looking at my screen for extended periods of time, what can I do to help prevent this?

Why is my lower back sore after a work day?

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