Ergonomic Tips for Working from Home

10 Simple and Free Tips for Working at Home

1. Adjust your office chair. Practice the rule of 90-90-90 to ensure you are sitting optimally.

2. Try to sit perpendicular to a window to minimize glare. This can help prevent eye strain and headaches.

3. Try to work as closely to your workstation as possible. Your elbows should be close to your body bent at 90 degrees. If you are working with outstretched forearms, you can increase the strain you are placing on your shoulders which will create neck and shoulder pain.

4. Assign work zones. Place your most frequently used items such as your keyboard, mouse, and document holder closest to you. This will help you avoid frequently reaching far away for items throughout your day.

5. Adjust your screen monitor so top of the screen is eye level. This will help prevent you from bending your neck forward.

6. Your mouse and keyboard should be on the same surface at the same height

7. Your monitor, keyboard, and mouse should all be lining up directly in front of you.

8. Use speakerphone or bluetooth devices as often as possible. Minimizing awkward neck postures will prevent neck injuries.

9. If you have more than one screen, try to place them in a straight line if front of you. Ideally, you want to minimize angling or turning your head to look at different screens.

10. Take frequent micro-breaks. Simply shifting your weight while in the same position can help reduce muscle tension. Micro-breaks allow the muscles to relax for short bursts and help prevent work-related injuries.